Several condo owners rent their units and
some homeowners in Somerset rent their home or rooms in their home.

Use the contact information below to check availability and pricing.


Condo 2012    Jenny F. | 

Condo 2015    Michele Andersen | 302-897-7727 |

Condo 3015    Hardy County Holdings | 304-808-1588

Condo 3025    Bill Johnson | (240) 491-6552 |

Condo 3023    Rob Schwaner | | 401-744-7401 

Somerset Homes

The Swan & Dragon Gallery/B&B | Rob Schwaner | (304) 947-5687

Please note:
  • This information is given as a courtesy by Avalon and in no way should be considered a recommendation. 

  • Any issues with the rental, including supplies/rental, payment or housekeeping, are the responsibility of the property owners and the renter, not Avalon Resort.

  • Renters must pay day fees in order to use Avalon facilities. if you are arriving after office hours, please contact the office a few days prior to your arrival to obtain the gate code.  (For Office Hours click here.)


We hope you enjoy your stay at Avalon.