If this is your first time at a nudist resort, try to put those anxieties aside. It is really like any other resort except people aren't wearing clothing. It is clothing optional, so you can "get into the water" at your own speed. Some dive in, others wade in slowly. Nudity is encouraged when weather and health permit.

We find a freedom and joy in nudity; however we are practical people as well. No one will force you to disrobe. Especially in the summer months, the vast majority of people will be totally nude. Nudity is required in the pools, sauna, and hot tubs. You will probably be surprised at how quickly you become comfortable. In truth, modesty is a lot of work, and once you drop it, you will experience the freedom that social nudism provides.

Please visit the "Our Policies" page. There you will find our policies and guidelines designed for the safety and comfort of everyone at Avalon.Please note,  cell phones and pagers do not work well at Avalon. Our reception is minimal at best.However, we do have free WI-FI in the lodge, Nudsino, Campground, Outdoor Pool and Indoor Aquatics Center areas.

At the parties and dances you may wear anything or nothing, though nothing is far more common and preferred. We highly discourage lingerie, as we feel that it sets a different tone and that is not what Avalon is about. Sometimes people wear a pareo (like a beach wrap) or shirt, but most of our members and guests enjoy dancing in the nude. Often what little clothing is worn is discarded early during the dance or party.

People sometimes ask if children are welcome. Most definitely! Social nudism is a family affair, and Avalon encourages parents and children to enjoy nudity together. Children are natural nudists with few of the hang-ups we adults have.

We are not the only minority that suffers from prejudice and discrimination. We at Avalon firmly believe that to practice discrimination and intolerance has no place in Nudism or at Avalon. We accept people as they are regardless of race, religion, marital status, nationality, or sexual preference. This policy of acceptance is fundamental to Avalon. We are inclusive and shall remain so. We do however discriminate on behavior as we are a family friendly resort. Act as though there were children around, and don't do anything you need apologize for.