This Free Day Pass entitles those who have not visited us before, to have free use of our facilities for one day, or 10% off for your first night in a lodge room. 

Please call ahead to make your reservation.

Click the image for a printable PDF Document File

Please print this pass, put your name, address, phone number, and email

address where indicated, and present it at the office when you check-in.

Two New Food Service Changes *

  1. Saturday/Sunday Breakfast & Lunch service will now be Brunch (see the new service hours below)

  2. Effective Jan. 1, 2020

  3. All are always welcome to Dinner, but if you fail to signup by 3pm for dinner there will be a $5 service charge for diners who have not signed up in advance.

  4. (Signup sheets will be in the office and dining room.)


Regular Food Service

Only available on 'Open' weekends

(may change with holidays)

(NOTE - NEW Saturday/Sunday 

Brunch hours)


Dinner: served in the Nudsino

"bar menu"

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Coffee service: 7:30 - 10 am 

Brunch: 9am - 1pm

(Dining Room - seating 9 - 12:45pm)

Dinner: 6pm - 7pm

(Dining Room - seating 6 - 6:30pm)

(please signup at the office or dining room by 3pm

to help us plan)



Coffee service: 7:30 - 10 am

Brunch: 9am - 1pm

(Dining Room - seating 9 - 12:45pm)

All Lodge Rooms have a microwave and a refrigerator


3-day event ticket

all the weekend fun for 1 price

Members - $80

Non-members -$120


single-day tickets

Friday - $40

Saturday -$60

Sunday -$30


**Avalonfest tickets are nonrefundable

and will be charged on July 15, 2019. Anyone with a reservation after July 15 2019 , will be charged for Avalonfest tickets.  Lodging reservations canceled from July 15, 2019 - August 6, 2019 will forfeit their advance deposit. 

Cancellations after August 6, 2019, and no-shows will be charged for the whole reservation.