Alcohol | West Virginia’s ABC laws do not permit any member or guest to bring any alcoholic beverage into the fenced and identified ABC area. You may bring and consume alcohol in your condo or campsite.


Campfires | Fires are one of the most memorable parts of camping, especially naked. Only light fires in designated and properly cleared pits. Make sure your fire is of a manageable size and never leave it unattended. At the end of your fire and before going to bed, make sure your fire is completely out with either water or dirt. At times there are "Burn Bans" imposed by the State of West Virginia so, always check with the office to make sure that a campfire is allowed during your stay.


Check-in | First-time visitors at check-in are given the Avalon Resort General Rules. Prior to admission to the resort first-time visitors are required to acknowledge and sign that document. 

Children & Minors | Members and guests are responsible for their children and minors at all times. This applies for both the minor’s safety as well as any damage caused to the facility. Curfew for all children and minors is 10:00pm.


Conduct | Use common sense, be respectful of others and do nothing that needs an apology. Any overt sexual behavior, violence, either physical or verbal, questionable conduct with children, or any other behavior which threatens, offends or embarrasses others may result in you being asked to leave. Any illegal drug use, underage alcohol consumption or fireworks is strictly forbidden and local law enforcement may be involved. If it is illegal outside Avalon, it is illegal inside Avalon.


Dress | Avalon is a clothing optional facility. You are not required to be nude but, most of our members and guests prefer to be nude indoors and out when prudent. Clothing is not allowed in the pools or hot tubs at any time. Personal towels are required and are also considered to be a common courtesy by the nudist community when sitting or lying where others may as well.


Liability | Members and guests use the grounds and facilities “at their own risk” thereby releasing from any liability Avalon Resort, management, staff and owners.


Lounge Chairs | Chairs are for people. Please do not leave towels or other personal items effectively marking them as reserved. Items may be removed if left for an extended period of time.


Pets | Remember that nudists are a little more vulnerable. All pets must be leashed, supervised and under the owners control at all times. During special events, pets are not allowed inside the fenced area. As with children, pet owners are responsible for both the pets safety as well as any damage caused to the facility. Of course, you must always clean up after your pet.

Well behaved pets are always welcome. Pets are only allowed in specified Pet Rooms. Pet rooms must be reserved prior to arrival. If one is not available, then you must leave your pets at home or at a nearby kennel. Pets must be leashed and should be taken directly to and from dog walks. Always clean up after you pet.

  • There is a $25 per night fee for pet rooms,

    • plus a $25 one-time deposit per stay that will be refunded after maid service if your pet caused no damage.

  • Pet owner agrees to the hotel's pet policies, to be responsible for any damage or injury caused by the pet, and to absolve the hotel staff of any liability if the pet or another guest is injured.

  • Noisy pets are not welcome.

  • Pets must be leashed whenever they leave the room. Always clean up after your pet.

  • Pets are not permitted in the pool area or any public buildings.

  • Pets MUST be caged or crated when left alone in the room.

  • Pets must be washed and on flea medication prior to arrival.

  • Do not use the hotel's linens or towels to bathe pets.

  • Owners should bring pet bedding and dishes; do not allow pets to sit directly on the beds or furniture.

Photography | Video and photography, including by mobile phone or computer is forbidden. The only exceptions are within your own private group or by permission of the management.  No photographs of any kind are to be taken of minors without parent/guardian and minor’s permission or without the parent or guardian’s presence.


Pools & Hot Tubs | There is no lifeguard on duty therefore, you “swim at your own risk”. No glass of any kind is allowed near the pools and hot tubs for obvious reason. If you need a plastic cup, please feel free to ask. Always shower before entering the pools or hot tubs.

"Quiet Time" | Please be mindful of your neighbors.

  • Quiet hours are

    • 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. on weekdays

    • 1:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on weekends


  • These hours are in effect for the

    • Campground

    • Pine Grove

    • Indoor Aquatic Center

Reservations | An advanced deposit of one night's stay is required when making a reservation.


Cancellation Policy | To avoid forfeiture of your deposit For non-event weekends or weekday stays, you must cancel at least 48 hours prior to  check-in time  (3:00 p.m.)  For any event weekend that requires a 2-night stay,  You must cancel (before check-in time) 7 days prior.


Smoking | Smoking is not allowed indoors at Avalon which includes the lodge rooms. The gated outdoor pool area is also non-smoking. There are many outdoor ashtrays available so, please use them appropriately. If you do smoke in one of our lodge rooms, there will be an additional $250.00 charge for cleaning.


Trails | Avalon has a large network of trails which we work hard to maintain. Please stay on the trails so as not to disturb the surrounding wildlife not to mention what poison ivy can do if you are naked.


Wildflowers & Plants | Avalon has many wild flowers and plants in our fields and woods. Do look and enjoy but, please leave them undisturbed for the next person to enjoy as well.