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TEL:  304-947-5600

E-MAIL: information@avalon-resort.com

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Beginning Sunday, March 15 at 1pm

Avalon Resort will be

closed to guests and members

until further notice, based on 

orders/recommendations from state and federal government officials.

(This closure message updated 3/31/20 after a 3/30/20 press conference by the WV governor.)


As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 spread throughout our country, we are not able to set an accurate date for reopening.

The date for reopening will be posted here, on our Facebook page and in a special e-newsletter issue when we know that date.

(subscribe to our e-newsletter by sending a request to information@avalon-resort.com)

We pride ourselves on our closeness as a community. In order to protect our staff, residents, and those making deliveries to Avalon, we are following the advice of health experts to practice social distancing in an effort to help mitigate the spread of illness.


The resort is closed, but the facility and as well as systems that function 24/7 require daily monitoring, and in some cases, daily testing. That may lead to maintenance activities.


Even though our spring lineup will be altered, we hope our amazing summer schedule gets the 'go ahead' to provide you a great getaway at Avalon!

But current conditions may dictate that schedule also change. Stay tuned.

Updates will be posted as we know more.


Please stay safe and healthy!

Everything posted below this point is what you can expect when Avalon reopens.






If you would like to be a

weekend-day guest at Avalon

(or have rented a condo and need to obtain a wristband)

and are unable to arrive when the office is open

(Sat. from 10am - 2pm), 

give us a call at (304) 947-5600.

We will make your day guest reservations over the phone and make arrangements for your wristband(s).

New temporary office hours on weekends are

Saturday 10am-2pm.

(Although the office will only be open 1 day a week, we will continue to reply to voicemails and emails every day).

Office hours on open weekends

will be posted for those weekends below.

The indoor pool and hot tubs are open!

The Campgrounds and trails are open!

The Bar(n) is open!

Bar service is available

for all Barn Events.

See our full schedule below!


Fridays through Sundays

(unless otherwise noted

and events/activities/prices

are subject to change without notice)


Standing Weekend Activities

Saturday & Sunday

10 am  Pickleball (winter indoors)

             Now 3 outdoor courts.

11  am  Indoor Water Aerobics

  2 pm  Indoor Water volleyball


New to Avalon?

Avalon  Campus Tours*

Scheduled Avalon tours will be given 

Saturday mornings at 11 am

(leaving from the office).

If you wish to participate

please signup in the office.

If you would like to arrange a tour at a different day/time

please call the office at

(304) 947-5600.

*(Sponsored by Avalon Board of Directors)

 Avalon Resort is open to guests on the open weekends shown in the schedule below.


service  are available to guests and members only on those open weekends.

All other Avalon Resort amenities are available to members 24/7.

Avalon is a gated community

Unless you have a key-card

you cannot get through the gate

(into the resort)

when the office is closed.

(see the office hours below)


If you wish to visit and

will be arriving

when the office is closed

(see Office Hours below)

please contact the office

before you visit

so you know when you can get in


arrangements can be made

to get you into the resort.

Otherwise, you will not be

able to enter the resort.

Office Hours 

(304) 947-5600

The week (Mon-Sun)

of a closed weekend

office hours are:

Saturday only -  10am - 2pm

(voicemail and email answered daily)

The week (Mon-Sun)

of an open weekend

daily office hours are:

Friday  9 - 6

Saturday 9 - 5

Sunday 9 - 3

(voicemail and email answered daily)

Since the New Year's Eve fire, we are undertaking an aggressive plan and schedule to upgrade and make improvements to our campground, campsites and Barn for your
Avalon experience.
Overnight accommodations
are available and include
(click on each for more details)
- the Bunkhouse
(call/email the office
(304) 947-5600
When we reopen
here is the schedule of what you can expect.
The schedule will show dates that have come and gone during our temporary closure. They remain posted so you can see the type of fun we do have when open.
April 2020 Weekends
(schedule subject to change)
April 3 - 5
Spring Break Celebration


Weekend Office Hours

Friday 9am - 6pm

Saturday 9am - 5pm

Sunday 9am - 3pm

(304) 947-5600


Overnight accommodations

available include

(click on each for more details)

- the Bunkhouse



(call/email the office

(304) 947-5600



Owner-rentals (click for options)

Indoor Pool open!
Internet/phone restored at the indoor pool!
Hot Tubs open!
Barn open!
"B 'n B" is open!
("Bar in Barn")
Campground open!
Trails open!
The party light is on!

Bar(n) Hours

Friday Opens at 5pm

Saturday Opens at 3pm

Friday in the Barn

5pm - Bar opens

Saturday in the Barn

3pm - Bar opens



Weekend Food Service

(menu subject to change)


Carry out at the Oasis Grill

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Hot Turkey or Roast Beef

Chicken Wings

Salads - Garden, Taco or Grilled Chicken



Grilled Cheese w/ or w/o ham


Onion Rings



Brunch: 9am - 1pm

Carry out at the Oasis Grill


Bacon, Eggs & Toast

Salad - Garden, Taco or Grilled Chicken



Grilled Cheese w/ or w/o ham


Onion Rings


Dinner: 6pm

(in the Barn)



Brunch: 9am - 1pm

(Carry out at the Oasis Grill)


Bacon, Eggs & Toast

Salad - Garden, Taco or Grilled Chicken



Grilled Cheese w/ or w/o ham


Onion Rings


April 10 - 12 

Closed - Easter Weekend
April 17 - 19 
Flower-Power Weekend

April 24 - 26

May 2020
(** denotes 2-night minimum)
(schedule subject to change)
May 1 - 3
Cinco De Mayo

May 8 - 10 

Closed - Mother's Day
May 15 - 17
Welcome Back Campers!
**May 22 - 25
Memorial Day Celebration
May 29 - 31
Car Show and Contest
June 2020
(schedule subject to change)
June 5 - 7
Art Expo
June 12 - 14
Faerie Gathering
June 19 - 21
Nude and Fearful
Survival Event
Stay tuned for more information!
June 26 - 28
Chocolate and Peanutbutter Fest
Chocolate and Peanutbutter themed weekend
Bring a Chocolate and/or Peanutbutter dish to share
- Can be an entree, dessert or beverage as long as it has chocolate and/or peanutbutter in it
(bring the recipe to share, too)
July 2020
(** denotes 2-night minimum)
(schedule subject to change)
**July 3 - 5
Independence Day

July 10 - 12

Annual Skinny Dip
July 17 - 19
Hog Wild and Pig Crazy!
July 24 - 26
Water Games Weekend
July 31 - 8/2
Singles Weekend
(Free day fees)
August 2020
(** denotes 2-night minimum)
(schedule subject to change)
**August 7 - 9
Avalonfest 2020

August 14 - 16

Relax, 'Re-wine", Repeat Weekend
Wine tasting weekend!
August 21 - 23
Highlander Games
August 28 - 30
Parrot Head Weekend
September 2020
(** denotes 2-night minimum)
(schedule subject to change)
**September 4 - 7
Labor Day Weekend

September 11 - 13

Annual Dog Show Weekend
September 18 - 20
Games in the Bare Barn
September 25 - 27
Pirate Booty Weekend
October 2020
(* denotes 2-night minimum_
(schedule subject to change)
October 2 - 4
Annual Octoberfest

October 9 - 11

Singles Weekend
(Free Day Fees)
October 16 - 18
Autumn Splendor
October 23 - 25
Arts & Crafts
October 30 - 11/1
Annual Halloween Gala
November 2020 Weekends
(schedule subject to change)
November 6 - 8

November 13 - 15

Veteran's Day Weekend
November 20 - 22
November 26 - 29
December 2020 Weekends
(schedule subject to change)
December 4 - 6
Holiday Party Weekend
Come join us to celebrate the holidays!
December 11 - 13 
December 18 - 20
December 25 - 27 

December 28 - 1/1  

Nude Year's Eve 'Weekend'